New version of Domination game


New version of Domination is out!, lots of bug fixes and updates.


map for Game of Thrones / Westeros

I've had fun creating some maps for Domination based on the Westeros continent of the fantasy book series A Song Of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, which was just greenlit for a series under the title Game of Thrones at HBO!

I made one sticking to your pixel limitations here:
and also a large map that shows up well on my 1920x1200 screen:
I also created default players based on the ruling Houses:

I'm thinking of trying to port the game to Android or iPhone....

thanks for your great game, I've had a lot of fun playing it!

P.S. Anyone wanting to create a large map for Domination, here's what I did -- first create a normal map 677x425 pixels as described on including all the territories and continents and cards and country markers, save the map, use a graphics program to scale both the map.png and map.gif files to the size you want (ex. 1920x1080 for big monitors). The country markers are placed according to 677x425 map coordinates, so edit the map in the Swing GUI again to move the country markers to where they should be and save the map again.

Nice one.. I have been

Nice one..
I have been playing those kind of games from my childhood and this is really interesting article about the same. Now this time I am searching for some newly launched online games.

Great game

Thanks for the great game. Just a question: how do cards work? It's not clear for me after looking at the manual.


Sometimes there is no option NOT to move troops after the attack phase is over. (Actually its there but grayed out), this is annoying but not really a big deal, however recently I had this scenario play out when I had no more than one unit on any country. My options were to: a) undo a five-minute turn where-in I had eliminated 20-30 opponent units, or b) forfeit the game [i.e.- quit].

I would very much like a third option.