New Domination


New version of Domination. Polish language added, Italian card rules added, 3 dice to defend option added,



I'm trying to do something like your domination.
Now I've to do the map. Can you explain me what did you do to color the regions??


How to help / get development environment.

I'm on windows.

Can you please post a link to a page describing how to get started in providing patches? Repository location, java tools, etc.

[I'm sure I saw one, somewhere, sometime, but I can't find it now.]



Found it, and yura replied too. (Thanks.)

Bottom of page of - 'Anonymous Subversion'

CAREFUL if you're using Cygwin - major change pre-1.7 to current, breaking cygwin, unless you are very careful.

Found when trying to add subversion to cygwin.

Development Pieces - win


NetBeans -
(understands subversion - see below, and appears to understand ant - there is a plugin.)

Cygwin -

Point NetBeans at the cygwin subversion exe - {X}:\cygwin\bin\svn.exe, give it the URL,, and you have the source checked out. And an IDE / Development environment.

Nice to see update notification. Italian rules?

It was a very pleasant surprise to see an update notification the other day. Thank you, and well done.

I see the Italian rules change notification. What are the Italian rules? Could you put something in the page please? If only a link to somewhere else that explains.

Italian Rules mean ...

OK, if I'm reading the code (, getTradeAbsValue() ) correctly:

Fixed rules mean 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 armies when trading 3 cards of the same type, infantry / calvary / cannon / wildcards, respectively. (2 + wildcard = the type of the 2, for the above.) With 3 cards of different types (including wildcards), or if you have 2 wildcards, you get 10 armies.

Italian rules change that to 6 / 8 / 4 / 0, respectively. (I guess cannon are very hard to move in Italy, given the mountains?) 3 cards of different types, NONE OF WHICH CAN BE A WILDCARD, also gives 10 armies. So, you can only use a wildcard with 2 other cards that are the same, and in this case you get 12 armies - probably the best way to use cannon, if you can. You cannot use more than 1 wildcard in a set.

Also, Italian rules enable 3 dice for the defender. Makes it dicey to attack > 2 defenders, since the defender wins all ties. I've noticed you can be decimated VERY fast! (-: