Domination for Android


Beta version of Domination for Android now available From Google Play!



your game destroyed my phone assholes, a few days after downloading it my phone wont go past the startup screen , all my apps stopped then i restarted my phone. now it wont go past the boot up screen. thanks alot assholes.

if you can help then help, if you cant then i reaaaallly hate you.

Resigned players in an online game


when somebody resigns, most of the times the match is spoiled as the resigned player does nothing yet still continues reinforcing - which is a huge distortion of the match as you need lots of armies to wipe the idiot off (if still feasible). Possible solutions could be:

1) when someone resigns, a bot should take his place
2) if this is technically too difficult, then at least the resigned player should not get further reinforcement at every round

thanks in advance

What does mean ... ?

Hi, I'm french and I don't understand two options :
1- Color blind

2- Show Toasts

Can you briefly explain it to me ? Thanks !

Oh and yes, if we could change our colours it would be funnier ;)

Have a good day yura !

colour change

How do you change your colour in the mobile version ?

currently you can not

currently you can not


You should allow it. it will give players the choice to changer there colors and feel like they got an army of there own. instead of just a random blue star/circle.
My friend wants to be the Nazis for fun. XD

Apk with Google

It is possible to get the apk without using Google Play ?
Thank you.


latest beta:

or get amazon AppStore for latest stable version

Push notifications will not work for online games!!!!