Domination is a Java version of the classic board game, with a simple map format, network play, single player mode, hotseat, and many more features. It works on all operating system that run Java 1.4 or higher. Source is included and the game is licenced under the GPL.

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Oh my gosh, i like it because i never stop the games! wo ho!

Not random, not sure it's broke, bad coding maybe

I've seen some comments about it not being random. This is a FACT. Try doing an 'undo' and you'll get the same results. I'm no sure it's broke (cheats) either as I've been on the other side of this strange behavior. I've ignored it as I still win more often than not because the AI is pretty dumb. I very seldom leave one army in a county. However, when I lost 17 'rolls' in a row (yes, 17), I had to respond. I have to admit, it does take the fun out of the game when you have SERIOUS suspicions concerning the 'coding'. I suppose the 'randomizer' being used is poor, or the coding is just bad.

Thanks for the game though... it has potential.

map maker

How do I make maps?


thank you

Thank you

Enjoying the game.

I've been playing this game for at least 5 years, very addictive! It's easy to play, and the different modes add variety. Thanks again, Yura. ps: add a paypal option so we can donate from the U.S.

What the f*ck!

This is not random... Give me a break. Annihilation mode consistently loses but not as badly as rolling one battle at a time. No wonder why no one comments when people complain about this.

This is not random...

I won't get any more pissed off than I usually get when I consistently lose battles with an advantage of 5 to 1 on the attack... Suffice it to say that this almost never happens when I play Risk as a board game.

Play downloaded maps online

How can I play the maps online that I downloaded like "Deutsches_Reich_1871"?

I don't think you can but

I don't think you can but since there are like 10 times more local maps than online maps you SHOULD be able to.

How to destroy a good idea - bravo yura...

Not only that the dices are all but random (i have in statistics after each game -200 troops lost then beaten), the ai opponents, signs something like no attack stance. When they have a continent, the other computer parties will attack them only as last option. Even on 8:1, they prefer to let them get the bonus. But when human gets continent, they conquer five continents only to beat you.

I would like to know how big is the percentage of losing a battle 14 vs 1. I noticed that the dices don't roll, when I have to loose. For example when I have a continent ensuring with 15 units in Indonesia and computer attacks with 16 from Siam, it wins with a record like 15:2 and when it breaks the bonus, dices start to roll. Also I noticed that when human is about to win the game (conquer all of the world, out of two, three countries) this effect is on the human side.

I know that you will not fix it. I play the game for almost two years on android and you never made something against this. You prefer to destroy the game idea of strategy for your beloved ai logic. Thank you yura...

bad - worse - domination

Despite the fact that Yura did a fine work, it's not fun to play this(!) version of Risk.
It's a nuisance...

Is it really?

Hellow there,

I discovered the game today and then made my first game. Its strange cause i did not feeled the same thing as you describe. I mean. I won the game by total conquer on first try and trust me i came across a lot of bad fight. Many time i saw some dice roll that was making me raging. But to be honnest, and i watched carefully to make sure it was not "tricked" and i don't think it is. I sometime get a really great streak of event. I did take most country and left only 1 army on defence, then conquer most of the world but not all, and so they started to take back the land but with so much kill streak i got to down there army until there was only 4 army max on some place an most where just 1 army.

So i do know. I mean. I really understand your feeling cause well. Its the feeling i get everytime i play Risk lol. Most of the time i get angry because the dice alway seem to give me shit. Even when i win XD

Idk what to say man. I just don't feel like its that bad.

The dices are one thing.

The dices are one thing. Yura says that they are based on java, but from ten games you play, you will always have 9.5 games significant more lost than killed troops. It is the definition of hard level for yura, to trick the dices :)

But the really worst thing, is the no attack stance between the computer opponents. Even when one computer player have conquered all of Asia and will get the bonus in next round and have for example 1 army in Afghanistan, the other computer player will not try to break the bonus, although he has 15 troops in the Ukraine. But when you ensure Australia Bonus, computer will try to come from South America to avoid you, becoming the bonus. :)

I play Chess with a rating of 2300, I know what strategy means.


what a bad gameplay, idiot dice random i ever seen. 50 vs 8 and i loose! wow! just idiot risk game made by an idiot girl. go to kitchen and make me a diner slut.

Shazam! Now you're a diner

Shazam! Now you're a diner slut.

Fix the Randomizer in the Annihilate Mode

Something is wrong with the way that the Annihilate mode works. It is not random.

Troop Movement slide bar fix

Suggestion to programmers: When directing a large number of troops, it can be difficult to choose a specific number of them to remain behind or move into an adjacent territory following a successful attack. This could be made much easier by possibly adding '-' (on left) and '+' (on right) keys to the sides of the slide bar. Some of the large maps, such as England vs. France, provide the opportunity to use groups of 100+ troops where this type of fix would make managing their deployment so much easier. Thanks, hope this gets seen/read by the right people! Love playing this on my tablet, and researching how to start making maps now...


Are there like any forums or tournaments that happen involving Domination?

forums or tournaments

here is a good place to talk, or Discussion on the site.

as for tournaments, there are none currently, but if you want to help arrange some, then let me know.

Middle-East and East Africa

Middle-East and East Africa are connected in Risk. If they are not connected in Domination than Africa receives too high a continent bonus. As it is now you only need to defend two territories to keep this bonus.

East Africa and Middle East

The main maps in Domination do not have movement route between the territories of East Africa and Middle East (,,, but if you want to play with the link there are also many map available that do feature that link such as (,,,, so search for these map in the MapStore if you like to play with the link present.

Changing default language

I would like the program to run in English, which is not my system default language. I know this is covered in the FAQ, but I just don't understand the answer.

The answer says: Edit the cmd/sh files in a text editor and add the switch "--lang=XX" to the end of the run argument where XX is the 2 letter code for the language, like "en" or "ru".

Let's take run.cmd as an example. It goes like this:

cd %~dp0
start javaw -jar Domination.jar %*

Where am I supposed to add in "--lang=en"? Or, in other words, what should the file look like once I've done it properly? I guess I can figure it out for any other file after that. I humbly suggest the FAQ answer to be rewritten for the benefit of those who do not know what the %&@!# a "run argument" is. And thanks for what is otherwise a solid program.

just stick it on the end of

just stick it on the end of the line, so the line will end up looking like this:

start javaw -jar Domination.jar %* --lang=en

So I tried it, and...

And I'd love to say "thanks, that fixed", but instead I'll have to say "thanks, but that didn't fix it". I added "--lang=en" to the end of every single .cmd file, yet the game still runs in my system default language. Some strings are in English, but I guess that might be due to an incomplete translation? Maybe I'm missing something?

what OS are you on

What OS do you use to run the game on?

Can there be a Place for Suggestions?

Can you add a Place on the Website to put Suggestions? I have many Ideas in mind.

here is a good place, also

WTF, these dice aren't random....

I had a 30-5 battle that I just lost. Then a 10-1 battle and numerous other x-1 battles where x is greater than five. Jesus...

The Dice Rolling Is Not Random...

I don't care if you're using the randomizer from java, it's not random.

Strategies that work against the AI's

I suggest that we could help improve the AI's by listing how we win against them.
I can usually win this way:
Game is max hard AI's, domination, increasing cards, no recycle (usually not a factor), stock map
Usually there is a struggle over Australia. Dump all your armies in a remote part of Asia (Asia is seldom targeted as a desirable continent)
Let the struggle over Australia continue till there is a victor and a lot fewer armies to contend with. Conquer one or two neighbor states to get cards, keeping your large army together.
When the armies in Australia are depleted, overrun them from your stronghold in Asia. make sure to make your last border move to indonesia, if the dice rolls have been good to you you might even have double digits. But with all the counquered countries you have left behind you can survive for the first turn or so on a 4 army frontier. This early in the game there is no other substantial force near you to pull the same trick you just used.
you now have a bit of extra army income that the ai's won't have. Work on taking out all the other countries in Asia to get cards and more armies. build up your Siam frontier as insurance 5 or 6 is usually sufficient. You won't conquer Asia. Don't even have that as a goal. Refuse to turn in cards till you are forced to. Then try to find an opponent that is close and small enough to be counquered. Ideally you can cascade through the AI's by taking them out one by one and turning in their cards. If this doesn't work this is where the game gets interesting. But you are helped by a few flaws in the AI's heuristics.
1) they often cannot plan a conquering route: either they leave behind unconquered countries. or they divide up their vanguard in insane ways, so that they cannot attack efficiently.
2) they will, even late in an increasing cards game, view continents as viable targets when they should be targeting opponents, to get cards.

I have an easier way

I always start at the bottom of South America. I move up and leave a permanent army I add to every turn or every few turns in Brazil to block Africa. Sometimes I take that part of Africa to keep it away from any enemy who would control Africa. Once you have Mexico and Brazil you have a continent boost and can take North America relatively quickly. Then split your forces between Alaska and Iceland. Now you run two continents and you can constantly harrass and invade from both sides of the world into Europe and Asia. The enemy would rather fight each other than try to take down your behemoth empire. When you have enough troops, they even give up attacking.

I use this strategy on nearly every world map and it's worked across every variation, less countries, more countries, axis and allies and maps where South America connects to Asia.

android phone map creater

Can you make a android app to create maps to add to the Domination game app and instead of colors add flags

there is a map editor

there is a map editor available for the PC, also in the settings there is color blind mode


I have no pc that's why I'm asking lg p990hn ;P

hi again

Lol I'm not color blind i meant instead of a color have a countrys flag or upload a pic as a alternative option and if not the option to choose your own color ;P


I just lost a 20 vs. 1 battle. WTF?


There's no way that this is random. I consistently lose 20 vs. 5 and have yet to defend that well.


You must really suck hehehe when i play i take the loss and always win use your noggin its a strategy game not checkers the ai does win a lot ridiculously but i just see it as a challenge human players are so easy

Can't trade cards

I can't trade cards. Also the opponent gets 13 armies and I get 6.

i cant resign

on the blackberry Z10 there is no way to resign from a match i have to wait for the Ai's to fight it out

Back button on Z10

swiping down from the top bezel will reveal the Android navigation bar (if it's not already showing). On the bar, you have the option to go back

This is the easiest way to go back when in an Android app. The other way is by swiping on a diagonally from the bottom right of the screen up and to the left.


thank you

new AI is brain dead

While the new AI does make some infuriating moves, I've seen one behaviour that makes absolutely no sense and is far different from the previous version:

I've watched many times an AI player with often overwhelming number of armies on the border with another AI owning a continent and it will not attack. In the previous AI, a player in that position would always seek to deprive another of its continent.

What gives?

Is there a way to use the previous AI? Or is there a way that a total klutz like me could edit this behaviour?

> What gives? The AI code

> What gives?

The AI code does not distinguish between human and non-human players. It bases it's move off a series of heuristic checks that are influnced by the game options and the current state of the board. If for example there is too much collateral damage on the path to break up the continentm, or the other player is preceived as weak, or it's late in an increasing card mode game, the attacker may do something else.

In simulation runs of various game types, the old AI played no better than the new average player (typically worse). For example 3 new hard vs. 3 old hard in domination mode:
3x more wins with fixed cards
20x more wins with italian like rules
6.5x more wins with increasing cards

The totals aren't much different for mission mode, but the capital play improved significantly such that the new hard ai wins nearly all matches.

If there is anything that you can pinpoint with a save game as bad behavior then log an issue or start a topic on what seems bad.

> Is there a way to use the previous AI?

Are you wanting the old because of play style or because it seemed to be more challenging? It seems from head to head (and my limited play testing) that the old wan't a good player especially with full 6 player games.

> Or is there a way that a total klutz like me could edit this behaviour?

The AI is pluggable, so you could lobby for Yura to include the old jar so that it could be choosen when starting the game.

Steve Hawkins

crazy new AI

Thanks, Steve, for the fast reply, and sorry for taking so long to respond.

To be clear, I was speaking specifically of AI-AI moves, and yes, I know essentially the kinds of things that are likely used to base decisions on - thanks for expanding on that.

What I am concerned with is a common crazy behaviour I've seen more than twenty times: an AI with overwhelming force next to another who owns a continent will not attack and deprive that AI of the continent bonus - which used to be one of the default behaviours, other things being equal. In all the cases I've seen, I can postulate no advantage, no reason, no rationale for not taking away the continent.

This behaviour is more common with an AI set to hard; oddly enough, I have seen normal or easy AI make several moves to take away a continent even though it weakens them in the process.

There are two other crazy behaviours I've seen that I'll only mention. One is a hard AI will attack whatever large armies are adjacent until it has only enough force left to maybe take a territory to earn a card. While this may make some sense, it frequently weakens the attacker enough such that its survival comes into question. (I admit this has helped me more than once!)

The second is also common. An AI will attack a weak player just up to the point where it could be wiped out, but will leave it for the strongest AI to eliminate - a very stupid thing to do, unless it's some kind of altruistic move in hopes the strong AI will wipe me out.

To me, compared to the previous AI, the first two behaviours in particular make no sense that I can fathom. Any light you can shed on this will be appreciated. I will try to check back here more often; I don't mean to be rude through forgetfulness.


> To be clear, I was speaking

> To be clear, I was speaking specifically of AI-AI moves

The AI player makes no differenation based upon player type. So part of the issue is just the perception of alternative planning.

> an AI with overwhelming force next to another who owns a continent will not attack and deprive that AI of the continent bonus - which used to be one of the default behaviours, other things being equal.

The old AI gave too much preference to breaking continents. Regardless of the collateral damage or the relative strength of the other player, it would attempt to break - meaning that it was basically using a harrassment strategy.

The new AI prioritizes breaking continents among other goals and generally breaks continents but understands the implied cost of taking and hold a contested territory.

> One is a hard AI will attack whatever large armies are adjacent until it has only enough force left to maybe take a territory to earn a card.

The new AI should not pursue force reduction attacks (which generally imply attacks that are in the attackers favor even if the battle is unwinnable) unless it sees itself as able to survive. If you see something odd along these lines you can take a save game and open a sf issue.

I don't believe the prior AI would consider making these attacks at all.

> but will leave it for the strongest AI to eliminate - a very stupid thing to do, unless it's some kind of altruistic move in hopes the strong AI will wipe me out.

You're taking this too personally. The AI doesn't have an emotional component and only cares about winning and not loosing. The logic has a strong preference for elmination. In some situations route planning and not fully understanding the probabilty of the elmination will lead to the AI to not elimate even its pretty clear that the human can see that it should.

There are checks to guard against pushing an oppenent to elimation, but they are quite simplisitic and just based upon a guess and not for example by simulating the opponents moves. With these limitations and the possiblity that the opponent to eliminate has few cards or no cards (especially if there is another even stronger opponent), the AI won't elminate some times.

Here again the particulars of the game matter in determining if a tweak should be made, so a save game and an issue would be needed.

crazy new AI

Yes, I understand the AI makes no distinction 'tween human and AI players; I apparently phrased things poorly. My hope was that you would not make an assumption that I was thinking it otherwise.

>meaning that it was basically using a harrassment strategy.

Yes, I got that, which is why I stated "other things being equal." Which is why I earlier stated "overwhelming force." When I see a player with 30-40 armies facing three to take the continent and be able to hold that territory without in any discernible wise weakening its own position, for three or four moves in a row, I found it baffling.

re - force reduction attacks:

No, you're right: so far as I recall the past four, five years, former AI did not do this. It can be a smart thing to do. I raised the question because my observation was that the AI seemed to all too often make a lousy estimate of its own survival. (As it happens, this kind of attack has saved me several times; had the AI concentrated on just one territory it would have hurt me badly.

re - incomplete wipe outs

Please, do not assume that I attach any emotion to this in any way, except puzzlement, which is not, strictly, an emotion. I do not in any way take any of this personally. That I may use some anthropomorphic phrasing is simply for the sake of convenience, or it's a bad habit. "Altruistic" for instance was meant tongue-in-cheek, perhaps irony.

> In some situations route planning and not fully understanding the probabilty of the elmination will lead to the AI to not elimate even its pretty clear that the human can see that it should.

And that pretty much explains much of it right there. I'm ashamed to not have seen the possibility or reason it through; my apologies.

Many thanks for your patience and good explanations. Next I see some truly weird moves I'll try to remember to save the sequence.

Btw, I just installed the update. The "Annihilate" button is great!

Game of Thrones Map

Tried loading a GoT Westeros map but the app wont load the image of the map, it comes up with the message not enough memory. I have over 10GB free space. Help!

OutOfMemoryError is referring

OutOfMemoryError is referring to the RAM, not the disk space, you may want to try update java, or switch to a 64bit VM if you are on a computer, or if you are on a phone, some maps are just too big to load on phones, but in those cases someone would have usually made a smaller version of the same map with a similar name.