Domination is a Java version of the classic board game, with a simple map format, network play, single player mode, hotseat, and many more features. It works on all operating system that run Java 1.5 or higher. Source is included and the game is licenced under the GPL.

Android App on Google Play




on Android its in the top right menu when the game is open, in Desktop this feature has not been done yet, but if you timeout of 5 turns in a row you will be auto resigned

domination chrome os

Could you make this a chrome packaged app so it can be used on chrome os?

chrome os

the project is open-source so anyone can try and do this and submit a patch
if you are not a technical person then posting a link to how to do this would be useful

Chrome OS

Domination is written in Java, and is not written in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS
so i do not think it could be packaged as described in that video


Does the Android version use Java?

yes, Desktop, Android, all

yes, Desktop, Android, all versions of Domination are written in Java

Windows 8

Domination won't run in Windows 8

I'm having the same problem.

It loads but won't run. Does anyone have a solution?

path for windows 7/8 java

In Windows 7/8
Setting the path for Java
Copy the path where the bin folder is installed it should be in C:\Program files or C:\Program Files (x86)
My Path looks like

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre\bin

Then you go to computer click on Manage then system properties then advanced system settings
then click on Environment Variables in system variables look for
click on edit
then append or add this to the end of whatever else that is already there

……….;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre\bin

Please Note: Do not delete whatever is already set in the path and remember to add a semi colon before hand ;

Got it


network game

hi, i am a new player and i don't understand how i can play online with others; should i install another program or just enter the server in the "join" window?where can i find a server list? thanks for help!

Network playing problem

When I play online with friends, if someone disconnects, the game will continue without him making him unable to connect again.

Is impossible to wait for the player connecting again? Som friends have unstable internet connections that maybe fall each 10 or 15 minutes but we can wait them for reconnecting and continue all happily playing.

Is there an option for doing so? Or difficult to implement?


Solved in the subversion with the "Play Online" option. No more problems, thank you very much!!!

game don't work

Hi i try the last version of the game but it don't work on my windows 7 64 bits and yes i have the latest java version.
thanks for helping.
I got a black screen that popup and disappear very fast.

windows 7 64 bits

so do I



you need to make sure java is in your path


I've checked, and java is in the same folder (programs x86) as domination...but it didn't work.... any suggestion? :-(

what do you mean?

what do you mean?

Solved: now works on my windows 7!

After some attempts I've put domination foder into java folder, and created a shortcut between "domination" (executable jar file) and desktop.
It works!!! ^___^

Android map creator

Can anyone make a map creator for android that would be awesome




I want a map maker for android also where can I make maps?

Map Editor

currently the Map Editor comes with Domination for Desktop (PC/Mac)

Infinite Jollies?

Shouldn't be a maximum of 2 Jolly cards, exspecially when using the Italian rules? If so, I think something foes wrong

wild cards

it depends on the card set you use, the default one has 2, ( so for all maps that use that set it will be 2
some maps are made by other people and they sometimes put more in (or less) breaks Italian Rules?

With this version, having killed an opponent and now having 6 cards, cards aren't traded.

The release notes notes italian rule change - under italian rules were they never supposed to be traded in upon acquiring 6 cards, mid-turn, or is this an introduced bug?

Italian Rules

in Italian Rules you are never supposed to go into trading mode after an attack, there is no limit to the number of cards you can hold in Italian Rules. it used to be a bug, its now fixed.

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification. Release notes indicated bug fixed, but not the nature of the bug - since this correction changed the behaviour, it may be perceived as an introduced bug. Perhaps this clarification would also be useful in the release notes.

You note there is no limit to the number of cards held. I'm guessing you mean during the turn - one must still reduce to less than 6 cards at turn beginning?


no, in Italian mode you never need to reduce to any amount, you can have any amount of cards at any time

Big attacks take way too long

I love this game but I have a little gripe. I play and build up a big army - so does the AI. When the big armies finally meet the time for the battle is measured in minutes. The animation of the dice is cute and all but with a 500 vs 500 army it takes 6 or 7 minutes to play out.

I would love the following options.

1) Be able to turn off the animation.
2) A "Do or die" button. Shows up in the attack dialog. When clicked it attacks at high speed until one or the other of you wins.

If these options were addedd I would be happy to donate because at the moment I end up getting into a dominant position then just declaring my self the winner and quitting.

Great idea.

Yeah, I've noticed it too. Something like "all-out attack" would be nice, so you could click once and it would continue attacking until one party won (minus dice rolls). The dice animation is nice, but on either 500v500 army wars or on extended campaigns it would be nice.

Maybe it could be a modifier key - when you hold down Ctrl, any attacks you make continue until completion silently?

more wishes

Apart from those two wishes, I'd like to see the option to turn cards off altogether.

Keep up the good work!


What is the Italian Rule in trading cards?

Italian Rule

Italian cards gives 3 dice for defending and also:
3 cards CAVALRY: armies = 8
3 cards INFANTRY: armies = 6
3 cards CANNON: armies = 4
3 cards different and 1st not wildcard: armies = 10
2 cards same and 1st is wildcard: armies = 12

Domination Hamachi Network.

I opened up a Hamachi Network for Domination, the Hamachi server will be online 24/7
Games will be started at 5:00 PM EST on week-DAYS and 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST on week-ENDS

Hamachi Networks:


The Password for all rooms is 123.

How to join the Network

1: Download Hamachi and install it
Download it here:
The installation is quick and simple.

2: Join the Network
To join the network click the tab title "Network" and a drop-down menu will appear, click "Join an existing Network"
Enter the Network ID and Password, then click "Join"
The Network tab is Located in-between the "System" and "Help" tabs at the top of the hamachi client.

To Join a game wait until the network host announces a game. When he does, open up Domination and click "[J]oin Game"
enter in the IP found next to the network host's user ID in the chat window(for your convenience he will likely announce the IP) and click "Connect".

3: Have fun while dominating all the other players.

How to configure a server in command line on Linux OS ?

How did you do your Domination's servers ?

I'm trying to configure one on a debian system in command line only.
I'm starting Domination by the command :
#java -jar Domination.jar

Then, I can't do anything more, can't startserver or anything else. I didn't find any documentation to understand how run Domination in command line...

you need to run

you need to run to get the command line version
but remember, the server needs to be restarted after every game, a better solution is the new online play that is coming in the next version (, or if you want to play it now, build the latest code from svn


Thank's a lot Yura !
Works well :) I'll try this again when your next version will appear !

I play your game since few years now. Recently I discovered the Android version, it's quite nice too !
Many thanks again ;)

Almost impossible to loose

Risk is one of my favorite games since I was a teenager. It is very challenging and need more strategy than luck.
Unfortunately, even if I'm always playing against hard AIs, it's almost impossible to loose.
The strategy in AIHard*.java should be rewritten.
For example: an AI conquers a continent. Instead of protecting borders, it continues attacking. Moving all the troops outside the continent.
The human player can almost always avoid that the same AI starts the next turn with an entire continent under his control, because can almost always break through the borders. But he also doesn't have to mess with that, because every other AI (hard, of course) would do the same.
Conquering continents and maintaining them is the key to win in Risk. Even if they are not in your mission, because they could be in the mission of another (AI) player.
I suggest that a check, if the borders of a continent (already under control) are also protected enough, should be performed before the AI decides to conquer the entirety of that continent. Which should also be done only if it is highly probable to protect it for at least one turn.
Again, when an AI attacks, it will do it until it's possible. Leaving, that way, a path of unprotected states behind. The human player who tries to protect every new conquer will most probably win against those AIs.
I'd like to give a lot more of suggestions, but I think the developers have already understand that there's a lot of work to do for the AIs.

But also thank you very much for this game.

AI can't see defended borders

If you own a continent and then extend one country past the continent, AI will rarely attack you unless it takes the extra country as part of its expansion plan.

This really pisses me off as

This really pisses me off as well. Not that they don't protect their own borders. But the fact that once you've managed to get a little continent, even the smallest one, than all the AI's will put in everything to destroy that. Disregarding their own countries. All AI's army's will be sent towards your borders.

The AI usally puts everything

The AI usally puts everything in one huge stack but then gets it stuck in his own empire or in a dead end. It would be nice to see them put these huge armies to good use.

Unfair dice rolls

I noticed if you repeat an attack serveral times (loading a saved game and trying again), the dice results are always the same, shouldn't it be random? So it seems your destiny is already written.
Also, when playin with difficult AI's they have an insane obsession against the human, even if he is the weakest player at the moment. Very frustrating.
I liked the game a lot at first, but each time i played i became more dissapointed, so i finally quit playing.
Sorry about my english.

I've also noticed this. They

I've also noticed this. They should be random.

Random can't be scripted.

Random can't be scripted.


randomness can be scripted using arrays.

The Dice

the dice are random. if people dont think they are they can read the code, thats the point of open source!

Save game->Attack->Load game->Attack again

The results are always the same. No randomness there.