Domination is a Java version of the classic board game, with a simple map format, network play, single player mode, hotseat, and many more features. It works on all operating system that run Java 1.5 or higher. Source is included and the game is licenced under the GPL.

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Cant Get started

I've played this a few times on my buddies laptop and I dont know a thing about computers but everytime I try and start the program it starts up and immediatly shuts down on what looks like to a DOS screen. I downloaded the windows 7 file along with java and still nothing is happening. any ideas?

RE: Can't Get Started

If you have this problem, open the folder where it is installer, open "run.bat" and where the file says "java", replace it with "%ProgramFiles%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" or "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" if you have a 64-bit operating system (without quotes).

If you installed Java to the default directory this should work.

Have fun!


How to Set up Server

Hi, I've been playing Domination for a while, and started getting my friends hooked on it as well (we definitely like it better than some other versions of risk we have tried). We've had problems getting our multiplayer games up, though (none of us is really a computer person). At first, we tried without Hamachi, but with little success (I got two computers in my house working, but it didn't work for anybody not in my house). After reading this forum, I downloaded Hamachi, but I'm not exactly sure how I should be using it. Could anybody who has had success with this explain it to me? Sorry for my general ignorance...


Hello, can you play on the Internet? Or I can play with my friends only if I have several computers within the same network?

Domination (Risk) game rules

I saw some do not know all the rules yet so....

Have a nice day.

Bug in cards handout in

In Capital mode, single player. Did trade in a set of cards once but after that did not get any new cards at all. In fact an AI player got at some point 32 armies and the next round the the same AI player got something like 54 armies! I left the building at this point... 8/


There is something very strange with the cards in the Ameroki map> masses of 'wild cards' are handed out, without an opportunity to trade them in.



Bug with trading cards

There's a bug in the new version where you get ten armies when trading two equal cards and one different, which shouldn't be possible. Supposedly you only can trade when all your cards are the same or all of them are different.


this has been fixed in and will be out soon! :-)

Few Suggestions

*You should really have the ability to set the default players whenever you create a game.

*An option to turn off cards for any map

changing default players

If what you mean is setting a different default for every time you START a game, there is a game.ini file in the main directory with the .jar that overrides what is in the .jar
It is a little strange, but the following works for me:



default.player2.type=ai easy

default.player3.type=ai hard

default.player4.type=ai hard

default.player5.type=ai easy

default.player6.type=ai easy


It seems that the players have to be set up by number, but are deleted by NAME. That is why the 3 I delete have short names .
You can also change the default starting map if you want to. This also makes it easier to set your favorite color... I like blue, and to set it normally, you have to delete all the players, including yourself, and then reinstall yourself and the AI's you want. This file does the trick for me.

Suggesting about start new game

In the players list, the game allows 2-6 people to play the game. Therefore if players add 7th player into the game, the game should notice that ‘Please delete one or more player before add new player, this game can be play up to 6 players’. In fact, if we have more than 6 players in the players list, the game gives the notice after players ‘Start Game’ but it would be better if the notice appeared right after players try to add 7th player.

Posted by: Thananon

Game is awesome! Tried to

Game is awesome! Tried to start game with friend, started server, clicked on Join a game, left name as local host, and saw the main window pop up where you can add players. Told friend to join game, and enter my IP adress, but he kept getting a pop up window saying that it was unable to connect. What gives? This is what the directions for the game told us to do! Everytime i start a game and change the default name from local host to anything else, it says it can't connect. Am i missing something here? Do we have to buy the game instead of using the free version to play online?

How to do it

I had this same problem heres what to do.
If your starting the game hit start server.This basically turns your computer into the server.The other players don't hit that because there are not the host.
Then they all hit join game and type in the IP found in your about section on the main menu.
after they sync up you join game using the default "local host".

I have something to suggest about Network playing

I am using Risk game version From my gaming experience, I think Client players should not be able to delete other players,especially player who create the server. Also client players should not be able to start the game. Generally, the person who create a server should control the game and change the map, server player should be the only one who can start the game.

By Wankhwan T.

Save the duplicated name

I found some minor bug about saving a duplicated name. The program allows player to save the duplicated name without any warning message. So, it should have a pop-up warning the users that user wants to overwrite or cancel a save.

Posted by Chinjutha

map for Game of Thrones / Westeros

I've had fun creating some maps for Domination based on the Westeros continent of the fantasy book series A Song Of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, which was just greenlit for a series under the title Game of Thrones at HBO!

I made one sticking to your pixel limitations here:
and also a large map that shows up well on my 1920x1200 screen:
I also created default players based on the ruling Houses:

I'm thinking of trying to port the game to Android or iPhone....

thanks for your great game, I've had a lot of fun playing it!

P.S. Anyone wanting to create a large map for Domination, here's what I did -- first create a normal map 677x425 pixels as described on including all the territories and continents and cards and country markers, save the map, use a graphics program to scale both the map.png and map.gif files to the size you want (ex. 1920x1080 for big monitors). The country markers are placed according to 677x425 map coordinates, so edit the map in the Swing GUI again to move the country markers to where they should be and save the map again.

Some missing features:

This map is great except it lacks two essential items: territory borders and a list of port connections.

There is no way to tell what territories border others unless you attack, making it difficult to plan campaigns and defenses. Please add borders.

An innovative feature of the map is the extensive use of ports. However, there are no indicators of what counts as a port and which ports connect to others, leading to many unpleasant surprises.

Android Port

are there already any android ports of Domination or any other Risk-like games?

Bug: No more Trade Cards

In almost every game it occurs, that after a while a don't get any more cards. Then I am not able to trade for more reinforcements, but my opponents are.

Does anybody have similar problems?

missing cards

Yes, I got the same prob. No more card - no more armys... Doesn't make it easier - or more fun :-(
Can you fix this?
Thanks a lot!

intended behavior

I believe this is actually intentional. It simulates running out of cards, as though you are not allowed to shuffle used cards back in. However, when setting up the game, there is an empty checkbox you can check that turns on recycling of cards. If you check that, it will never stop giving cards out.

The checkbox is under Card Options, at the bottom.

compiling the source file

is there any way to compile the source files that's included in the zip folder?

Opponents' cards

Is there a way to see how many cards opponents have? Pretty key for strategy -- maybe I'm missing it...

Is there a way to adjust the rate of trade in? For example, lowering it would be a less crazy game.

Great game! Thanks!

Opponent's cards

I agree with both of these comments. It would make the game even better.


Hey, I am a little confused about the function of cards and trading. There is nothing about it in the manual that I could find. Can anybody explain what's up, or point me to somewhere that will?

Cards = Reinforcements

Cards = Reinforcements (4 cards with 3 infantry, 6 with 3 cards cavalry, 8 with 3 artillery cards, 10 cards with 1 each). You have to go in the cards tab at the bottom of the map and click on those that match what I said. When there will be 3 consistent in the "Table" below the others, click OK. That's it;)

How can I get the Swing GUI version ?

Hi, can you tell me how can I get the Swing GUI version ? I only have the demo...
Otherwise, this game is superb, despite some problems, it is handy.


It'd be nice to play with higer resolution (more then 677x425) maps.

How can I creat the Map?

How can I creat the Map?

Network play..

Hy..i tried to play this game with my friend over network...and yes..we do use hamachi,but every time we try to connect it says Unable to join game,unable to connect..does any of you guys..have the damn is getting a bit annoying...thx..

Try it on LAN first. I being

Try it on LAN first. I being able to play if I launch the server, then I join a game in localhost, then my friend connects to my server. The order is important. But it works only for two players :(. After that the game seems to stop listening for new players¿?

Tradeing Cards

Little confused with the trading cards, wont let me trade? am i missing something

Feature Requests

would be great if i could set all armies using only the right mouse button ( 29 = 3x rightclick)
if i attack the enemy.....there could be a checkbox fight to death or victory ;-) so i dont have to click 50 times.
would be great if the next version could import old savegames ;-)

Feature Requests

I second this. This would be a great time saver.

Auto-complete battle

Several others have suggested this, but there should be a way to check one box and fight a battle to the finish without having to click "roll" 100 times. When the battles get big, having to roll the dice 200 times is really frustrating.

Also agree that the AI could be strengthened a lot. Opponents don't try to hold continents. Also, opponents will leave large numbers of armies in the middle of a continent without ever moving them to a border or more strategic location.

Great game, just needs a few gameplay tweaks.


How uninstall?

I didn´t find "uninstall.exe". Only a "uninstall.rar" - but there isn´t it.

You can use JAVA to uninstall....

When you start the game, the file "cmd.bat" in the Domination directory is run; just copy that file to the sub-directory where the "uninstall.rar" is located. Open the copied version of the cmd.bat and replace the "risk.rar" with "uninstall.rar". Save the cmd.bat. Double click on it then, a window will open where u can uninstall Domination (but the directories may stay, just erase them by hand).

Hope to have helped.
Many greetings.

I just deleted the Domination

I just deleted the Domination folder from Program Files and Start menu shortcuts. No need to uninstall formally.

trade cards

I am having the problem that I cannot trade cards frequently. I try all combinations, but the trade-button does not activate...

Maximum armies in the beginning

Does anyone know how to set up a game so, that (like in the original game) only a maximum of 4 armies are allowed in a territory at the beginning of the game?

Playing Online

Is there a way to play domination online versus guys i don't know. I still played a few times with friends via hamachi, but knows anyone if there exists a forum for domination, where i can connect to other players else than the current one i play with.
Furthermore does anything like a league for domination exist, wouldn't it be fun to have a ranking or clan wars ^^ xD

Me too

A forum or an IRC channel, or even better, an on-line game lobby would be great...

same time

What about adding a "same time" feature??

So that the moves are made at the same time (only able to attack one territory deep).
Seen in Risk II! It's the best part of that game!!


sounds awesome!! :)

Map editor for Mac

Is there a version of swing GUI that allows map editing on a mac? So far I can only run the applet and that doesn't load or save from the hard disk.... is there a stand alone?

Game title

Hi. Is the game called “Domination” or “Risk”? Are those identical? Or is one a part or an aspect of the other? The Changelog and the FAQ are talking about “Risk”, but the News page and some other places about “Domination”. Preferably add the information on this to . Thanks.


wouldn't it make sense to change the kills, casualties, reinforcemens, attacs, retreats, countriesWon, countriesLost and attacked from the overall counter to per-round countings? So you can see which round was the most aggressive round or the most costly one.


Well, per round kills, casualties, reinforcemens, attacs, retreats, countriesWon can be determined,

just look at the increase in all stats per round any person with eyes could get a rough estimate of which round was most arressive etc.


try hamachi for network play! it works fine!