Rescue! Max

Rescue! Max is based on a old Mac game by Tom Spreen, so if you are a fan of this game then you can now enjoy it on Windows and Linux for the first time ever. The game also include many new features and has lots of other things you have always wanted.



Finish it!

The A.I. is stupid. All the ships do is go round and round in circles until something interrupts them. The player's ship's A.I. is no better. Something has to be done about that. There's no variety in the ships or weapons, either. Add some more ship types; I'd like to see some Vor'chas and Negh'vars helping me out, or Norexans leading the Romulan fleets. Flying the Defiant would be interesting. And how about some real quantum torpedoes? Give the ships different colored weapons. And finish making your cloaking device. Whatever changes you decide to make, finish the game! We're all waiting for it.


Ok, so the help only applies to the old game, and yours is no where as fun as the original, not as challenging, either easy or impossible, no fun.


I used to love playing this game growing up, and was thrilled to find this version.

However, as noted, the help is utterly useless; one used to be able to "hail" the Starbase or the wormhole (to get Q) - I don't even know how to "hail," let alone how to end the game successfully! I destroyed all enemies, rescued all the colonists, droped them off at Starbase, and nothing...the game keeps going even though there's nothing left to do!!


It's a good game. But I wish you'd take the time to finish up some of the rough edges. I think it has potential.

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Why are there hardly any comments here?


Could you please put in a good tutorial with lots of Screenshots or make a film with CamStudio, coz it is hard to understand for newbies!!!!

Thx for Tut

Mfg frendly user form the neighberhood