The Real Fight Club Photos

A selection of photos from my libraries, taken for The Real Fight Club. TRFC library has hundreds and hundreds of photos taken since we've been working together, and they're useful for quick-designing flyers and posters.

Volunteer Films Programme

The Media Trust Volunteer Films project had just finished their third series of 25 documentary film productions for the Community Channel, and needed a programme for a screening of 8 of those films. This programme went through several drafts and took about a week to complete.

Blood, Sweat & Tyres

This was the first event flyer designed for The Real Fight Club, it was a stand-only boxing show in which White-Collar workers from the city were pitted against each other in three 2-minute rounds.

The venue was Old Street's Classic Car Club, this inspired the tyre tread effect in the background, and the array of classic cars behind the title. We were also on hand for the event photography - our first event with this White-Collar Boxing gym kick-started our relationship, which has seen us producing their gym documentation, corporate communications, email-marketing and event imagery since.

New Leaf Fitness - Poster Design

New Leaf Fitness were hired to send a team of physiotherapists to the head-office to one of their clients. This poster was designed to advertise their weekly arrival and to entice the staff to take advantage of their service. A healthy number of patients resulted, and contributed to the extension of their contract with their client.

Buddhas Of Suburbia

Buddhas Of Suburbia video

BodyWorks Flyer

The Bodyworks physiotherapy suite (Herts) invested in a VibroGym and wanted a flyer to advertise the new equipment. The client was sure that a list of its benefits was sure to convince many to come in and use the new VibroGym, so the flyer was based around this. We chose this image from a library of VibroGym pictures to visually convey the benefits, as well as show off the new piece of kit. Including print and delivery of flyers, the whole design took four days.

The Gramaphone

The Gramaphone page

Going Underground Flyer

The design of this flyer needed to be eye-catching and raw, with an underground feel. We also had to create something that could be scaled from an A6 flyer to an A2 poster. A photo from a previous show (also taken by yura.net) was used in the background. Freeware font 'Viper Nora' worked well as a gritty font in the underground vein, and works well in bold yellow.

Rescue! Max

Rescue! Max is based on a old Mac game by Tom Spreen, so if you are a fan of this game then you can now enjoy it on Windows and Linux for the first time ever. The game also include many new features and has lots of other things you have always wanted.


Domination is a Java version of the classic board game, with a simple map format, network play, single player mode, hotseat, and many more features. It works on all operating system that run Java 1.5 or higher. Source is included and the game is licenced under the GPL.

Android App on Google Play

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